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Angelo is a South Florida based photographer specializing in lifestyle, weddings and fashion.

Angelo was born and raised in the Washington, DC area shortly after his parents immigrated from Colombia, South America. Growing up he was interested in drawing and architecture but developed a keen interest in photography right after high school. The recent boom in architecture and design brought him to Miami where he currently resides with his wife.

With many years of experience behind the camera, Angelo is an expert in the studio and on location. Able to pinpoint the stressors of each shoot, he makes sure his clients can relax and be in their moment. His style is a mix of classic, fashion and editorial photography. Although he specializes in lifestyle, fashion and wedding photography, he loves to shoot everything from architecture, interiors and food; his multi-disciplined photography helps him bring a different perspective and attention-to-detail to every shoot. Angelo strives to create images that are not only stunning but are also genuine. He looks for inspiration in every moment and place he is in. Knowing that every client has a unique story, he also sees each client as a great source of inspiration and a great starting point for each shoot.

On a personal level, Angelo has a heart for humanitarian efforts that serve the community and helps battle homelessness.